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Bullet Resistant Glass

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Thanks to recent advances in laminate and production technology, laminated glass can now provide a high level of security and safety that is affordable and installation-friendly.  Although not yet certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL 752), Tristar Glass has conducted in-house testing to UL 752 specifications.

Careful consideration should be taken when sizing bullet-resistant glass (BRG) to ensure the correct piece is chosen.  There are two options of bullet resistant available: spalling and non-spalling.  Spalling is the standard choice for most glaziers due to its low cost, high optical quality and history of safety.  Non-spalling information is available on request.

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  • Level I  - 9mm – 1.129” thick, 38.2lbs/sqft
  • Level II - .357 Magnum – 1.38” thick, 46.4lbs/sqft
  • Level III - .44 Magnum – 1.625” thick, 54.8lbs/sqft

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