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Sandblasted Glass

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Detailed Design up to 77" x 144"

Sandblasted Glass

Tristar knows that when it comes to decorative glass, it's not always about flash and color--sometimes decorative glass just needs to look like glass, and no other technique can match the classic, understated look of sandblasted glass.  Worried about marks, smudges, and oily fingerprints?  Tristar's got your covered with our optional protective clear coat.

From full-coverage blasts to detailed designs, Tristar can provide you with a sandblasted finish that achieves the quintessential decorative glass look.  Call today for more information.


  • Combine sandblasted with laminated, tempered, or insulated glass (including low-e)
  • Combine sandblasted with any of Visions' other decorative options including Visions, Spider Glass, Fabrics, and Colors.
  • Custom detailed designs or full/partial coverage blasting
  • Sandblast protective clear coat available on request
  • Stage blasting also available on request

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