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Visions – Photographic Prints

The only thing holding you back is your own creativity. Have the vision - Tristar Visions.

image in glass

Your image in glass. Any image, any opacity. Any image, any opacity.

Our Process

Tristar’s process transforms any digital image, photo, or graphic into a durable piece of laminated interior or exterior glass. Be prepared for the saturation changes that exterior light causes during the day and through the seasons by taking advantage of Tristar Visions' unique ability to control light with art. From colorful rubber ducks on the kid’s shower door, to faux stained glass in a restaurant, to your client’s brand on a curtain wall, Tristar Visions opens up a new world of possibilities for decorative design and will forever change the way you think about glass.

Offering Excellence

  • Tristar works hand-in-hand with national and local artists and photographers. Use your own graphic or let us help you find one.
  • Vary the opacity and color density of full CMYK+White graphics.
  • Unique print control allows for any combination of clear, translucent, or opaque images.
  • Print sizes up to 60”x120”.
  • Meets all the safety standards of traditional laminated glass.
  • Blocks UV light and damps sound.
  • Combine with any of Tristar’s existing glass products and production techniques, including tempering, insulating, and custom fabrication.

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