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OPACI-COAT-300® sprandrel

OPACI-COAT-300® Fallout Protection

Glass and Color – a Truly Dazzling Combination

Tristar uses ICD Coating’s OPACI-COAT-300® glass coating for all its high-performance spandrel applications. This silicone-based coating provides the perfect economic solution to the back-painting of glass. OPACI-COAT-300® with its nearly unlimited range of colors, offers greatly increased options for interior glass applications. Used on clear or reflective glass it can add shimmering, jewel-like colors to the interiors of hotels, shops, restaurants, galleries and hospitals, as well as residential kitchens and baths. The use of OPACI-COAT-300® is limited only by the imagination of the user, whether it be in new construction, remodeling or retrofitting.

Performance History

  • OPACI-COAT-300® certified applicator
  • Any glass type – OPACI-COAT-300® may be applied to all of Tristar’s glass types including tempered, insulated, and laminated glass.
  • Color matching – Choose from one of the 16 standard colors or let ICD’s computerized color spectrophotometer meticulously match any color.
  • Interior and exterior uses
  • Safe and environmentally friendly – lead-free, with no organic solvents
  • Qualifies for fallout protection/safety glazing

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