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Can I put holes and/or notches in my laminated glass?

Yes.  The holes or notches will most likely be put in the glass before lamination, depending on whether the glass is tempered.

When looking through laminated glass, why does it sometimes distort objects?

Since laminated glass is a combination of at least 2 pieces of glass, it is not uncommon to see some distortion in the glass.  This arises from discrepancies in the stock sheet of glass or those created while tempering.  Slight variations in the flatness of the glass can compound when placed next to each other giving the piece a slight distortion.  The distortion tends to be much more noticeable when laminating with tempered glass.

Why is it called bullet-resistant instead of bullet-proof?

The term bullet-resistant is used instead of bullet-proof because the piece in question may be able to withstand only one type of bullet.  Level 1 glass, which is qualified to handle up to 9-mm bullets, will not withstand a round from a .44 magnum.  Therefore the piece is bullet-resistant, not bullet-proof.

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