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Fabric laminated in glass

Fabrics laminated in glass


Tristar’s Fabric glass gives you the freedom to put any flat uniform substrate between two pieces of laminated glass most notably, fabric (though the possibilities are endless).  It's perfect for backsplashes, doors, side panels, windows, tabletops, bathrooms, and more.

Choose from one of our standard patterns or find your own. From your favorite lace pattern to those curtains you saw in Hobby Lobby if we can find it we can laminate it. Our inventory is constantly changing, so be sure to call your Tristar representative for information on styles and availability.

  • All the benefits of laminated glass: safety, durability, UV-blocking, sound damping, and burglar resistance
  • Choose your cloth: silk, screen, lace, cheese cloth, window treatments, and so much more
  • Custom products available: laminate anything between glass that is flat and uniform in thickness
  • Can’t decide? Our design professionals are trained to pick a fabric that best matches your application

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