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“There’s a spontaneous dynamic to live rock ‘n’ roll that isn’t easy to translate to recording, let alone to canvas.  But Tulsa artist Sara Bowersock embodies that spirit with her Warhol - and Lichtenstein - inspired pop art, transforming the simplicity of hand-cut stencils, acrylic and spray paint into unrestrained, florid expressions of movement, heat, and shadow.  Bowersock’s skill is innate, primordial and thought-provoking.  Her themes are exhilaratingly archetypal, from crossroads-inspired visions of blues legends with hell hounds on their heels to hyper-literate visions of vintage noir.  Her shows are celebrated; her distinctive style imitated (but never, ever duplicated).  Most who see her work agree: Bowersock’s talent simply sings.”

--Jennifer Chancellor, Tulsa World

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